If You Want To Take Your Performance In Business & Life From Good To Extraordinary



Ready To Perform Better Than Ever In Every Area Of Life Without Anxiety, Negative Thinking, Or Working 24/7?

What My

Clients Are Saying

Nate B. 

CEO James Capital Advisors

"Since working with Dan I've lost 25 pounds, built a stronger relationship with my family than ever before, became the CEO of a real estate brokerage, and have built a much larger understanding of my personal values. It’s crazy to say that these aren't even all of the adjustments I have made through his help."

Kris S.

In-Person Sales

"In just one session I was able to see changes within myself and my surroundings. I can say I'm happier,loving life and all my relationships have benefited from my time with Dan. I highly recommend everything Dan has to offer one on one sessions and his workshops. You will not be disappointed- you will be like me,blown away about how amazing life is and what it has in store for you. Dan just helps you find love and light that's in you and in front of you."

Jose V.

Founder Homevestors

"Dan is a very insightful and knowledgeable Empowerment Coach.  Through his proven methods he has helped me rewire my mind, my thoughts and reduced my stress.  As a result, I work at a higher level of efficiency, sleep well, wake up refreshed and eager to power through my day fearless; open to all opportunities and challenges with gratitude and a positive outlook."

Christie L. 

Real Estate Agent

"I learned lifelong skills that I can apply to any situation I’m going through, to create a breakthrough on demand! From the first conversation I had with Dan, I felt inspired to do more, be more, and to dive deeper into my limiting (and completely false) self-beliefs. We are the only thing standing in our way on our path to Greatness. Dan goes above and beyond to help you see that - He is truly a mentor who continues to inspire me long after the program I took with him had ended."

Thomas R.

Loan Officer

"I’m CRUSHING it.  It’s easy to talk with anybody now, to make a name for myself, and I’m making a name for myself.  My anxiety is gone, and it’s even difficult to think I was feeling depressed! I more than doubled my business in one month and I’m still going up.  It’s only getting better and better."

Stephanie T.

Real Estate Agent

"My business has increased dramatically. He is a master at what he does. Dan has helped me find fulfillment in my work! He knows exactly what needs to be addressed for me to move forward. I would highly recommend Dan especially for entrepreneurs, it's a necessary investment!"

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